SUMMER ‘blooming’: MEG townships awash in color

Take Insta-worthy snaps at these colorful spots!


The colors of summer have never been more beautiful at our townships! The installation of flowering plants in strategic areas around McKinley Hill, Newport City and Southwoods City is an initiative of Megaworld’s Estate Management group, currently headed by Mitch Dumlao.

Red petunias bloom nearby Sto. Niño de Cebu Parish Church in Southwoods City
Bright pink and purple petunias in terracotta pots line Southwoods City’s roads

Kicked off in 2017, this particular effort was created to “add vibrancy to the townships and provide a different visual experience for locators and clients,” said Senior Estate Manager for NCR townships Jane Carteciano, who, along with other members of the Estate Management group, shared some details about the project with Inside World.

“The ultimate goal is to have a differentiating factor in our streetscapes. It makes our townships unique compared to other developments,” said Carteciano.

The Estate Central Nursery unit sourced various flower seeds from Japan through a local supplier, but it is the petunia that has been the most prolific.

According to Lorenz Lucio, Senior Manager of Central Services, petunias were chosen because it is the hardiest among all the varieties they tried. Petunias are quite easy to maintain, too, and bloom beautifully.

Red and pink petunias form a large, star-shaped cluster in McKinley Hill

Carteciano said that the group experimented with growing the petunia, maximizing its flowering potential. “We also experimented [with] growing all flower colors such as lavender-pink, salmon morn, white, scarlet and blue,” she said.

It is the 9-hectare nursery in Tanza, Cavite, that is in charge of sowing the flower seeds before deploying them to the various estates. It is not a quick process—nature must be allowed to take its course, and our people must do the hard work. “Growing the seeds to a plant with buds takes two months. When flowers start to show, the display cycle will be for two to three months,” said Carteciano.

The ground crew in each estate is in charge of planting and tending the flowers.

Aside from McKinley Hill, Newport City, and Southwoods City, the Estate Management group is also planning to bring the petunias to our townships in Bacolod and Boracay this year.

Potted pink petunias serve as the “center island” in Newport City

While it may seem that growing petunias is a small initiative on its own, there’s nothing small about the future plans of Estate Management. Aside from exploring ways to improve the presentation of petunias in our townships—planting them to form shapes on the ground as opposed to simply placing them in pots, for example—Dumlao revealed that their team will begin exploring more flower varieties to bloom during months when petunias are not in season.

See you around our “blooming” townships this summer season!

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