Fostering TEAMWORK and CREATIVITY among ourselves

Inside World initiated a fun activity that would display the significance of TEAMWORK and CREATIVITY in the workplace.

We invited some friends from Financial Reporting to get together for a couple of games as well as to share their insights afterwards, to which they enthusiastically agreed.

To start, they formed two teams:

Team Cerrado
Team Abierto

The first game they played was Mad Gab, a simple exercise on camaraderie. Members learned to solve harder tasks with a group by seeking new perspectives, and sharing theirs in return.

The objective of Mad Gab was to decode a proper noun or phrase from a collection of words that seemed random on their own.

E.g. Holler Buh Hung Wes = Alabang West

Starting with an easy round, members initially put in individual efforts, each one raising his or her hand, ready with an answer for the team. Then the harder riddles came and brought heads together. This time, members were more careful in their answers, revealing and discussing these among themselves first.


Teams Abierto and Cerrado then geared up for game 2: Birthday Line-up, an exercise on communication.

They had to line up according to their birthdays—but without speaking a word. This left them to communicate by other means.

The activity was fun and fruitful. Make sure to watch the video for their insights!

[Turn on the closed captions (CC)]

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    • Jana
    • January 25, 2019

    Team Cerrado rocks!

    • GIL
    • January 25, 2019

    Love the Game,
    Love the Fun,
    We are expecting more games,
    Medyo bitin.

    Thank you guyz…

    • Zyrille
    • January 25, 2019

    It was really a fun activity! ❤️

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