WATCH: MEG execs learn the art of ‘disruption’ at the 2018 LeadCon

by Shein Ballon

Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.

Those were the words of wisdom shared to the world by former US President John F. Kennedy when he emphasized the value of seeking constant education to harness one’s abilities to lead and inspire others. In today’s era of disruptive technologies, those words also served as the guiding force behind the success of the recently concluded 2018 Leaders’ Conference, which was held at the Connect Lounges 1 and 2 of Savoy Hotel Manila.

The day-and-a-half-long conference, attended by the company’s various executives, adopted the theme, “iLead: Future-proof Leaders.” Speakers shared key insights about trends, transformation, and technology and how today’s generation of leaders can best make an impact by disrupting the norm through innovation. It was hosted by Reina Jennifer Chiquillo from the Sales and Marketing group.

Staying ahead of trends. People Management Association of the Philippines (PMAP) President Michelle Garcia spoke to our leaders about the current state of people management in the Philippines, as well as its future. She emphasized the need to capitalize on our human resources amid the technological advancements happening all over the world.

Nurturing passions toward transformation. World Stage International’s Cherry Pua Africa, for her part, talked about “igniting the fire” within our leaders by prioritizing innovation above everything else. She focused on how leaders can best keep their passion alive to fuel their drive and inspire their respective teams to continuously love what they are doing.

Taking advantage of technology. The second day of the conference saw Colin Blackwell, a technology innovation strategist from the UK and based in Vietnam, deliver a talk on technology. He imparted valuable tips on how to make the most of the ongoing 4th industrial revolution. 

The conference concluded with an inspiring message from Megaworld Chief Operating Officer Lourdes Gutierrez-Alfonso. Addressing the leaders, she said: “I challenge everyone to be agile and stretch your creativity to bring out the best ideas. Whatever your role in the company, you will always have your own ideas. Let’s shape the future together.”

Shown afterwards was a fun video documenting this year’s LeadCon! Check out the happenings below!

Overall, it was a refreshing and insightful experience for our leaders since it was the first time in LeadCon history that they were involved in energetic activities that encouraged further interaction and collaboration.

Until next year, Rockstar Leaders! NamaSlay!

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  1. This was really an AWESOME Event for Megaworld Leaders!!!!
    Had a great experience joining the said activities. Hep Hep Hooray to all participants.

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